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My love affair with Italian food is what you can call ... "always been there, though we never married each other".  I could never be an Italian but I would always say I’m an Italiano – half Ita and half Ilocano (though I’m neither) .  It is a staple in my long line of food journeys.  It is what makes me happy in times of depression.  It is home to my tired soul because it gives me familiarity and sense of belongingness.

Category                              : Italian
Address                                : 2nd Floor, South Wing Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Branches                              : 2nd Floor, Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Ermita Ground Level
                                             : Robinsons Galleria Foodcourt
Telephone Number              : 804 0577
Other Services                     : Parties
Parking                                 : MOA Parking Lot

“ The goodness of fresh pasta and brick oven-baked pizza”

The Bistro Ravioli’s location is good with an ample amount of foot traffic.  It is one place that you will always bump into when in MOA.  It is a modern bistro with a minimalist touch.  I specially love the writings on the walls with quotes from Bellini, Sophia Loren and Julia Child. Exceptional is the good service geared towards customer satisfaction.


MARGHERITA – Php 280 – My very basic favourite pizza and with so much Margherita consumed in my lifetime ... I know a good one at my 1st bite.  For its price, I can get something better.  Most of the time, it is in the crust ... it is my pizza core. If it fails there ... it will have a hard time recovering.  Because it is brick oven-baked ... they didn’t manage to burn it like some of the brick oven-baked pizza I know. 

Pizzz Margherita

SAUSAGE RAGU – Php 390 – they used fettuccine (rolled flat then cut in  6.5 mm)  Most of the noodles where smothered with the red pasta sauce. There is a generous amount of sausage and greens that usually go with your typical ragu.  It was recommended by the server, I wonder why.

Trivia: According to the food dictionary Ragu is a staple of northern Italy's Bologna. It is a meat sauce that is typically served with pasta. Though different than the French ragout both are derived from the verb ragoûter , which means "to stimulate the appetite." Ragu usually contains ground beef, tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, white wine and seasonings.
Sausage Ragu

SPINACH AND FETA CHEESE IN PASTA SAUCE RAVIOLI – Php 210 – These are spinach and feta cheese filled pasta with sauce.  Ravioli should indeed be made from fresh pasta ... I can’t think of any better way.  The price got in the way.  To be able to serve it that way, the amount of filling was sacrificed.  Losing what is essential.
Trivia: Ravioli is a typical Italian filled pasta. Mentions of Ravioli in history dates back in the 14th century in Venice and Tuscany.


It will always be a price war in this arena. They made it affordable and it equated with the taste.  With the emergence of the many “Italian” Restaurants ... there will be a handful that can combine authenticity and taste. Much to my chagrin, it is indeed just a handful.

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