Friday, August 19, 2011

The Carrie Diaries Quotes - Author: Candace Bushnell

"Sometimes I think all the trouble in the world is caused by men. If there were no men, women would always be happy. ~Carrie"

"In life,there are only four kinds of girls:
The girl who played with fire.
The girl who opened Pandora's Box.
The girl who gave Adam the apple.
And the girl whose best friend stole her boyfriend."

"Funny always makes the bad things go away."

"It was scary how a girl couldn't live without friends."

But every time I feel bad, I try to remind myself about what this little kid said to me once. She was loaded with personality-so ugly she was cute. And you knew she knew it too. "Carrie?" she asked. "What if i'm a princess on another planet? And no one on this planet knows it?" That question still kind of blows me away. I mean, isn't it the truth? Whoever we are here, we might be princesses somewhere else. Or writers. Or scientists. Or presidents. Or whatever the hell we want to be that everyone else says we can't."

"If a woman could take care of herself, would she still need a man? Would she even want one? And if she didn't want a man, what kind of woman would she be? Would she even be a woman? Because it seemed if you were a woman, the only thing you were really supposed to want was a man."

“When it comes to people -- don't write about who you know; but what you know of human nature."

" I don't want to be a writer so I can write about my life. I want to be a writer to escape from it. Then you shouldn't be a writer."

At first, being with Sebastian was like being in the middle of the best dream I'd ever had - but now it mostly feels exhausting. I'm up one minute and down the next; questioning what I say and do. Even questioning my sanity."

"Who am I supposed to be again? Just be yourself. But who am I?"
I can't wait to get out of the house. I can't wait to get out of here. I've been telling myself this all week. The 'getting out of here' part is unspecified, though. Maybe I simply want to get away from life"

"I have this theory: If you forgive someone, they can't hurt you anymore.”

Rule#1: Why is it that the one time a cute guy talks to you, you have a friend who’s in crisis?
Rule#2: Humiliated best friend always takes precedence over cute guy.
Rule#3: Best friends always think you deserve the best guy even if the best guy barely knows you exist.
Rule#4: Best friends can also be full of surprises.
Rule#5: Always agree with your friends, even if it’s at your expense, so they won’t be upset.

I highlight an equation in yellow, thinking about how useless it is to highlight, It makes you think you are learning, but all you’re really learning is how to use a highlighter.

It’s a story I would never show anyone, because it’s too sappy, but I’ve never been able to throw it away. It scares me. It makes me worry that I’m secretly a romantic too, just like my father. And romantics get burned.
Still the Sam bubble had been punctured by Ryan, and then Sam was like a smear of wet soap. That’s all bubbles are anyway – a bit of air and soap.

“Liking the idea of a girl is different from actually liking a girl.” – Maggie

“I think if a guy says you’re interesting and a character, it means you’re special.”

But she never takes her husbands’ names. Mary Gordon Howard is a very great feminist. She believes that women should be able to define themselves and shouldn’t let a man take her identity.

Why are they doing this to me? I can’t explain it. It’s just one of those things girls do. But why? It’s jealousy. But I didn’t think it was jealousy. I thought it was more instinctual, like being a part of a pack of wild animals that drive one animal out into the wilderness to die.

But sometimes, you have to act the opposite of what people expect. They want you to go crazy. They want you to hate them. The more you hate them, the stronger they become.

To be friends with someone for so long, and then they do one thing, and it’s over. And they weren’t a bad person before. Or at least you didn’t think they were. So you have to wonder if that bad thing was always there, waiting to come out, or if it was just a one-time thing, and they’re still a good person, but you can’t trust them.

There are only 2 kinds of people who make great writers – great artists: those from the upper classes, who have access to the finest education – or those who have suffered greatly. The middle classes can sometimes produce a simulacrum of art , but it tends to be middle-brow or slyly commercial and of no real value. It’s merely meretricious entertainment.

The trick to being a queen bee isn’t necessarily beauty but industriousness. Beauty helps, but without the drive to get to the top and stay on top, beauty will only male you a bee-in-waiting. is a great way to distract yourself from your problems while providing a sense of accomplishment. You feel like you’re doing something useful even though a few hours later you eat all the evidence.

You can’t steal someone’s boyfriend unless he wants to be stolen.

I have this theory: If you forgive someone, they can’t hurt you anymore.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I rewatched "Little Black Book" last weekend and I began missing Brittany Murphy ... died at such a young age just when her life is at its peak ... but who knows if she really was happy. Such a fine actress , au naturelle. I just realized there is so much good lines from the movie ...

Stacy: I should tear your eyes out right now, but how would you ever be able to look at yourself in the morning?

Stacy: Question how does a girl who falls, no actually jumps eyes wide open, down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos come out unchanged?
Stacy: Answer, she doesn't.

Stacy: Perhaps luck exists somewhere between the world of planning, the world of chance, and the peace that comes from knowing that u just can’t know it all

Stacy: Life's funny like that, once we let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong

Stacy: Omission is betrayal.

Stacy: If we were the share our lives together, why didn't we share our lives together. I know you don't have to tell me everything Derek, but why wouldn't you want too? Unless there is someone else you are waiting for.

Joyce: A clean break is easier. You can reset it, and it heals, and you move on, but if you leave things messy, and things don't get put right, then it just hurts, forever.

Stacy: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Barb: Knowledge is a terrible and marvelous thing.

Stacy: There are moments in life when you hope your decisions weren't rash. And moments where you just know.

Stacy: I've spent a life time looking for the truth and I have become the lie. Maybe some secrets should just stay secret.

Intro: Hell is empty. All the devils are here. -- William Shakespeare

Ira: Okay, so, what I'm about to do should not be interpreted as groveling, hypocrisy, or desperation. It's merely a loss of personal integrity.

Stacy: Seconds before opening the metallic case ( The Palm ) I envisioned all the evil flowing into the world. I was Pandora! And then I got over it.

Stacy: I felt like a lying sack of fertilizer. Knowing what I knew and not knowing what I didn't and knowing more than anyting that I had to know more.

Stacy: We stood there, both of us sadly in love with the same man. Both of us feeling let down by him.

Stacy: I should have felt happier at that moment. I had won. But the cost was high and the victory hollow. I had taken a good friend from someone I loved. And nothing about that felt right.

Stacy: The line between right and wrong had blurred. In my search for truth, I had become a lie. Perhaps some secrets should remain secret.

Stacy: Every plan that I had for my life went so unbelievably wrong.
Bean: John Lennon said, "Life happens when you're busy making other plans."
Stacy: Then he got shot.
Bean: Right. You just gotta live. Stop planning your moves. Let 'em happen. I mean, you might be surprised.

Stacy: I believe we write our own stories. And each time we think we know the end - we don't. Perhaps luck exists somewhere between the world of planning, the world of chance, and in peace that comes from knowing that you just can't know it all. You know, life's funny that way. Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My Best Attractions:

1. Lost World - Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure & Waterworld
2. Far Far Away - Shrek 4-D Adventure
3. Madagascar - A Crate Adventure & Madagascar Boogie
4. Ancient Egypt - Revenge of the Mummy
5. Sci-Fi City - Battlestar Gallactica Cyclon/Human
6. Hollywood - Silver Screen Collectibles
7. New York - Lights , Camera, Action & Rockafellas

Trip Tips:

- Book on-line so you won’t have to queue. Keep in mind you have a 10 SGD worth of food and items. I forgot this.

- Start from the Lost World (back part) – tnx Nikki! – so that you won’t have to waste your time queuing.

- Bring a bottle of mineral water and an umbrella ... it is HOT, HOT, HOT

- If you plan to get wet in Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure or Waterworld, don your board shorts and flip flops. Bring your waterproof bags and cameras. In Waterworld, you will be soaking wet (as in a bucketful of water ) ... should you dare choose the “soak” part of the seats. But there are “dry” seat less the fun , of course. Bring extra shirt or buy one.

- When having your picture taken with the characters, make sure you are in front of the queue because they usually cut it off after a few minutes or so.

Don’t miss:

Shrek 4D Adventure – See, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat as you join Fiona and Shrek in a fairytale adventure.

Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg – Amazing ! An empty sound stage became the setting of a major hurricane about to hit NYC.

Madagascar Boogie – Come “move it, move it” with the cast

- Catch our very own Streetboys as the Rockafellas-New York.

For the Daring and Bold : Battlestar Gallactica’s Cyclon and the Revenge of the Mummy

You can miss this : Canopy Flyer and Donkey Live! – but those with kids, go see, definitely not for mature audience

Dining at the Universal: Expensive!

Food Stall at Ancient Egypt : Corn Dog – 3.5 SGD – ordinary / Softdrinks – 3.5 SGD

Discovery Food Court – features SG’s must try favourite local dishes, desserts and drinks in a Jurassic Setting.Their Crispy Noodles – 9.50 SGD

Mel’s Drive-In – Classic 1950’s drive-in that serves all-american faves like burgers, fries and sodas

Chilli Burger ( w/ fries and drinks ) 10.80 SGD/ Double Patties Cheeseburger ( w/ fries and drinks ) 12.50 SGD

Don’t Miss: Hershey’s Store

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I’ve been there many times before but this particular trip is one of the most engaging and as a foodie ... more exploratory. But let me start where it all began ... booking. This is the 1st time I’m flying Tiger Airways. Haven’t realized before that their favourite brand is Tiger. Tiger Beer, Tiger Coffee, Tiger Balm, Tiger Sky Tower, Tiger here and Tiger there. I’m a Golden Tigress as well ... from the Royal Pontifical University , of course.

When booking a promo fare ... look very closely ... hidden charges ( 15 kgs luggage? Add $10. Choose a seat? Add $10 ... and the long list follows ) Arriving at the NAIA , you have to pay 1620 (travel tax) and Terminal Fee of 750. For what? A toilet with “tabo” instead of a bidet, worn-out carpets that shouts Allergy!, water interruption announcements, brown outs and no seats available at the gates while waiting. Well, so much for the 750 terminal fee, I am paying so much taxes that I practically own a street in Makati.

I always loved the Bola-Bola Siopao in the Departure Area. Price is exorbitant at PhP190 @ Saint Cinnamon. A bottle of Coke amounts to Php70.00 But inside the plane, I don’t smell the familiar “PAL smell” ... the one that makes my tummy ache for a while, I think it is the deodorizer they use. Tiger doesn’t have that smell ... does it mean, they don’t deodorize their plane? Of course, the options continue ... meat, veggie, chicken for only 10 SGD. Blankets? 13 SGD. Drinks? 3 SGD. Arrival: Since you are in a budget plane ... land in a budget terminal. Yes! With no flowers and colored murals in the airport. No walkalator ... walk with your feet. Of course, who cannot forget the ladies who were detained because their reason for coming to SG is not to see Shrek.

Get a cab. Get every single centavo of change. By the way, prepare your SGD especially if you are arriving at odd hours when the money changers are closed. It is a must to have e-Link card: loadable card for transportation ( MRT or bus ). Saves you a lot of money for transportation. The public transportation in SG is superb. One thing though, Singaporeans are always in a hurry. Stay on the left side of the hall or escalator to avoid being trampled upon. Taxis are everywhere ... but have a number to call a cab as well for rush hours.

My typical 6-Day Recommended Itinerary: ( Not for the Senior Citizens and those with heart and feet problems )

Day 1 : Simei Plaza or any mall near your place of stay. When buying electronics canvass the price here in the Philippines, canvass in reputable stores like Challenger , Harvey Norman or Best then buy in Sim Lim Square. Remember: ask for freebies. When buying a camera: Free tripod, cleaning kit, 8G memory card, case, etc. When buying a laptop: free sleeves, free mouse, free keyboard protector, etc.

Always bring an umbrella - it is either the sun is ruining your skin or it is drizzling.

Eat your lunch here or in Sentosa – take your pick.

This is unlike our very own Kopiroti ... the way the syllables were separated might have mattered. Here they serve viands and rice unlike here that it is famous for its coffee buns.

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes. Add 1 SGD for every choice . Total amount of would be 2.50 for 1 meat / 1 veggie. I don't like my choices of food here , most probably if I have chosen better , I would have liked it here. Long queue of patrons, must be good.

Afternoon Sunset Tour Sentosa -

You may pay the afternoon pass or just pay for the rides you want to take. Compute – it is the best way to decide.

Three ways to get there via

MTR and Monorail:

Cable Car:
MTR & Bus

Imbiah LookOut

1. Home of the Skyline Luge

2. Images of Singapore – see SG history told in hologram.

3. Take the picture of the Merlion . The Merlion in Marina Bay is sometimes undergoing maintenance.

4. Cable Car

5. Tiger Sky Tower – Gently rising 131 meters above sea level, relax inside the air-conditioned cabin of the Tiger Sky Tower and enjoy panoramic views across Sentosa and Singapore's Southern Islands – as well as neighboring Malaysia and even Indonesia. (SGD 15)

6. Butterfly Park

7. Desperados/Sentosa 4D Magix/Sentosa Cineblast – SGD 30

Siloso Point

1. Fort Siloso - it is all about war 2. Underwaterworld – SGD 25.90 (Adult) 17.60 (Child) be dazzled by the wealth of marine life via a 83 meter long tunnel at the Oceanarium. Must see.

Touch Pool is also a delight. Close encounter with manta rays and baby sharks.

3. Dolphin Lagoon – home of the pink dolphins. Shows in Subic are better. The pink river dolphin is a freshwater river dolphins who lives in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America. They are also known as Boto. Although they are bright pink usually, sometimes they are also gray, brown or white. Usually, when they are excited or surprised they become pinker.


1. iFly

2. Megazip

3. Songs of the Sea. SGD 10.00 My fave in Sentosa. Winner of Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement for Event Spectacular and ASEANTA Award for Best Tourist Attraction. Be there 30-45 minutes before the show to get the best seat in the house ( the middle part ) Don’t stay too near the shore , you might get wet. This one amazing show. MUST SEE especially for the kids. It is a delight to the 5 senses.

4. Other Beach attractions.

Dinner at Vivo City’s Food Republic – if you are looking for ambience of the Old China , this is the place you should go to – street life appeal with the convenience of the air conditioning units.

Chicken Rice at Sergeant – good! Don’t forget the condiments. Choose roasted but steamed is good for health. But I always prefer taste for health – Life is Short! Chicken Rice for me is over rated – I’ve yet to taste something that it is so good that I will recommend. This is too bland for me. I’ve tasted 3 chicken rice in SG and the one in EDSA Shangri-La. Not for me.

Tutu Coconut Cake – It got its name from the sound of the bamboo device that makes a “too-too” sound when steam is coming out of it. It is rice cake w/ fillings of coconut or peanut (your choice) – 2 of my faves - w/ pandan leaves at the bottom to enhance the fragrance. 2 SGD for 4 pcs. Minimum price of .60 w/o fillings – who would want that anyway?

VIVO CITY Mall – where you can find National Geo Store. Try getting a Tourist Pass for a discount card and freebies.

Day 2: Enroute to Johor Bahru ( “New Jewel”) which is one of the three main urban centers of Malaysia. Bus Fare: 2.40 SGD.

Shop around the Central Shopping Mall ... again it is going to my fave shoe store that is making me come back to Malaysia ... Vincci ( aka VNC in the Philippines ) . 50% off the Philippine price. Is that heaven or what. And again ... I told myself, I think I have room for 2 more shoes.


It is imperative for us to eat in Food Courts because of our different tastes in food –

Beef Rendang – my hubby’s fave ( because he doesn't have much choice ). It is spicy caldereta – Indonesian style. Best tasting rendang better than Marina Bay Sands’. It is made from beef slowly cooked in coconut milk, spices and sometimes kerisik (toasted coconut paste) for several hours until almost all the liquid is gone, allowing the meat to absorb the spicy condiments. Spices: ginger, galangal, turmeric leaf, lemon grass and chillies.

Nasi Lemak – national dish of Malaysia. This comes as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaf, with cucumber slices, small dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) at its core. Rice is soaked in coconut cream and steamed. My fave! Delish!

After lunch, we went to Sim Lim Square ( Ronchor Canal Road, SG – very near the bus station going to JB ) , the electronics hub of SG, lower prices but be very careful ... always remember , canvass 1st. Always, you get freebies for your cameras like cases, cleaning kits, memory cards, etc. For laptops, you can get a bag, sleeves, USB, mouse, mouse pad , etc. Avail ... avail ... avail. Opppss and don’t forget the GST Form . You get tax refund for every 100 SGD you spend ... anywhere in SG.

Visit the Bugis Night Market.

Dinner is Served at Bugis Junction:

BBQ Wings – a common sight in SG . Roasted wings in Dijon mustard, brown sugar and garlic powder. Ordinary.

Beef Satay – BBQ with hoisin sauce (which makes it different) and peanut sauce dipping ( chili paste, coconut milk, lemon juice, fish sauce, chunky peanut butter) Too small serving.

Curry Mixed Rice with either Fish or Chicken- standard fried rice mixed with curry powder for a spicier flavor. Usually comes with pork or chicken or beef with the sauce smothered all over the rice. This may sometimes come w/ potatoes. Not my cup of tea but my sister’s fave.

Popiah – spring rolls

HK Style Beancurd Salad

Chendol – their version of halo-halo for 2 SGD . For sharing – too sweet for my tooth . The dessert's basic ingredients consist of coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar. Next to these basic recipe, other ingredients such as red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, creamed corn, might also be included.

Of course, this is all best done with a very patient and generous friend to show you around and minimize the “lost world” stage. For this, we are forever grateful to Sandra, our host and new-found friend.

Day 3:

Marina Bay : “destination with endless opportunities for people to “explore new living and lifestyle options, exchange new ideas and information for business, and be entertained by rich leisure and cultural experiences”

Here are the sights to visit on foot:

1. Youth Olympic Park – see the paintings of children

2. The Helix Bridge , previously known as the Double Helix Bridge , is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Centre with Marina South in the Marina Bay area in Singapore.

Try looking for the ice cream sandwich vendor here for only 1 SGD. Flavors: peppermint, mango, chocolate, vanilla, corn, etc. Yum-O!

3. Singapore Flyer - a giant Ferris wheel described by its operators as an observation wheel, it reaches 42 stories high making it the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, 5 m (16 ft) taller than the Star of Nanchang and 30 m (98 ft) taller than the London Eye.

4. Marina Bay Sands - an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay . Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed as the world's most expensive stand alone casino property at S$8 billion, including cost of the prime land. It is also known for its infinity edge swimming pool but you have to pay 20 SGD to go to the top of this building.

My places of interest in MBS:

a. Louis Vuitton flagship store - reason why I came back to SG

b. Cut – restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck - world renowned Food Network Star Chef, the caterer to Oscars Governor's Ball

c. Mozza – restaurant owned by Mario Batalli - Iron Chef - needs reservation to be accomodated during peak season:(

d. Larger than life pictures of the Master Chefs

Lunch can be eaten here at RASAPURA MASTERS but prepare to pay a higher price as compared to the usual restaurants in SG. This surrounds a synthetic ice skating rink. They have our very own, Gerry’s Grill here.

Pondok’s Curry laksa (in many places referred to simply as “laksa”) is a coconut-based curry soup. The main ingredients for most versions of curry laksa include tofu puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles. Laksa is commonly served with a spoonful of sambal chilli paste and garnished with Vietnamese coriander, or laksa leaf. Yum-O!

Nihon Mura’s Chicken Katsu Curry Rice – Jap breaded porkchop. Crunchy outside and tender inside with curry sauce. Very generous amount of rice. 6.90 SGD Delish!

Char Kway Teow – fried flat noodles dubbed as a poor labourers meal. Ingredients include: Oil, Garlic, Sambal oelek (chile paste) , Chinese sausages, Shrimp, Soy sauce , Brown sugar , Eggs, Mung bean sprouts , Scallions. Taste like charred to me.

5. ArtScience Museum - The architecture is said be a form reminiscent of a lotus flower. It is designed by the architect Moshe Safdie. Referred to as "The Welcoming Hand of Singapore" by Las Vegas Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson, it is anchored by a round base in the middle, with ten extensions referred to as "fingers". The design concept for each finger denotes various gallery spaces sporting skylights at the "fingertips" which are included as sustainable illumination for the dramatically curved interior walls.

6. 2011 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX - The 5.073km-long Marina Bay Street Circuit offers a combination of long straights and fast and demanding turns, providing drivers with a gruelling challenge fit for a champion. We saw the race route and even saw Lamborghini Gallardo Murcielago R-GT in colors of black, red, green and orange practicing for the Prix.

7. Singapore River Harbor – see the MBS from the back as you walk towards the Esplanade

8. Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay - a waterside building located on six hectares of waterfront land alongside Marina. Restaurants and curio shops are also located here.

I love a small specialty shop here which sells Parisian goods.

9. Merlion – unfortunately for us, it was being renovated. Just visit Sentosa to have a picture with the icon. Much bigger san the water coming out of its mouth. In the picture ... the blue tarpaulin covers the Merlion.

10. Fullerton Hotel – 7-star hotel. Can be seen as well in the Marina.

11. Swisotel The Stamford – the tallest in SG and used to be the tallest in Asia

12. Hershey's Store - On the way to MTR you can find one. Home of my new fave, Nutrageous by Reese

ORCHARD ROAD – shopping to the max : high end brands

My places of Interests:
1. Takashimaya – large Japanese Department store chain housing the famous brands LVuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Sephora, etc

2. AFC Studio – 181 Orchard Road, #07-02 Orchard Central - a must see for chefs and foodies. It has a studio for cooking demonstration.

Dinner : Food Fare at Simei Plaza

This food hall an ideal choice for an inexpensive but good meal. The second floor is air-conditioned, comprising more tables and chairs than the first floor. Diners are mainly families, office workers and shoppers. Stalls serve local cuisine such as fried noodles, curry and Indian rojak.

Roasted Peking Duck: served with rice and peanuts. This is the most inexpensive way to eat Peking Duck.

Noodles w/ Crispy Wanton - not exceptional

Jin Fook Dessert’s Ice kachang, a mound of grated ice on a base consisting of jelly, red beans, corn and attap seeds, and topped with various kinds of coloured sugar syrups such as gula melaka, rose syrup and evaporated milk. For sharing .

Day 4 : UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ( Separate Blog )

China Town

Budget Shopping bazaar style.

Dining: Erich's Wuerstelstand - home of quality grilled sausages - Austrian Style . I am not too keen on recommending this . We are used to salty sausages. This is authentic European taste.

" The Last Sausage Kiosk Before the Equator "

Day 5: Tampines Mall and Ikea

IKEA – it is my very own Universal Studios  I love this place ever since I got hold of their catalogue a long long time ago. Neat stuff. Clean lines for the home. You can bring home the furniture because they are collapsible. Ending a fully loaded trip with a BANG.

Here you will be given tape measure, pencil and notepads. It is open from 10am - 11pm. Free shuttle at Tampines Mall. Free catalogue as well, just ask.

And if you are lucky , the King of Pop will drive you.

Shopping at IKEA:
1. You choose, compare and test all the things in the showroom.

2. Write down your choice.
3. You pick things yourself.

4. You take your products home yourself.

5. You assemble it at home.
6. If you change your mind – return!

You can eat at Ikea Restaurant . Try their sausage sandwich at 1 SGD. They have humongous condiments containers.

Make sure you equip yourself w/ a luggage scale to avoid excess baggage. They are pretty strict in SG but you can request for a group check-in.

Don't forget to claim the tax refund. For goods that you will check-in, you may claim it before you enter the pre-departure area. For goods that you will hand-carry, you may claim it inside the pre-departure area.

There are surprisingly good food finds inside the budget terminal.

Chicken Rice, again! Try the dried , fried onions. Superb. Top your soup, rice or noodles with this. Yum-O!

And there are affordable shops as well. Who would want to bring home SG coins ? Buy something than keep the coin as a souvenir .

Foodie Discoveries:

1. Four Leaves – this is the leading bakery chain in SG. Mini World – wide range of mini pastries and buns – YUM-O! My favourite is their version of pigs in a blanket.

2. Horlick’s Malted – it is everywhere in SG but you can buy it in Cold Storage. Try it! Might be too sweet for you. Good alternative to your usual cereal drink.

3. Reese’s Nutrageous Candy Bar is made with chocolate and loaded with crunchy roasted peanuts, smooth rich caramel and the distinctive taste of REESE’S peanut butter. A Must!

But no matter how you plan the trip, there will always be blocks along the way. No matter how good the intentions are. Just enjoy it. Plan it. Without the itinerary, maybe we would have ended up spending time at the home we are staying in or missing on a lot of good things and sights. I wouldn't want my family and my friends to miss the things I saw there before but also wanted to enjoy new things with them. There is commitment in trips as well. Living with each others idiosyncracies and differences ... but we ended as good friends , still. There is too much walking but we won't get to see the real Singapore if we are riding the MTR or the bus. It lacks the cold weather that I always loved when I am out of the out of country but I cannot discount the fact that the warmth of Ashlee, Sandra and Don's hospitality can beat the weather factor hands down.

It is not only a trip ... it is a journey of discovery among family and friends. And if you will ask me ... I will do it again, and again.