Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guam ... Where America's Day Begins

The 1st country I visited using my US Visa ... aptly called “where America’s day begins..." which can be found everywhere in Guam. It is 2 hours earlier than us and a day earlier plus 2 hours than USA Mainland.

Now I am beginning to wonder ... which is my shopping haven, HK or Guam? The only advantage HK has is the weather .... cool and crisp. Guam is so ... Pilipinas, hot, hot, hot.

I was kidding my friends and family that I'd bring home an accent and a jetlag … neither of the 2 is possible. It’s like being in the Philippines … everyone talks in Tagalog. Goodbye, accent. Jetlag? Hmmmm, 4 hours flight is not considered a long haul travel.

I took the 1st picture in the airport welcoming us to Guam, USA. In an airport that is so silent at 4am … our presence can be felt.

Taxi Fare :

Rent a Van :

Ranging from US$40 to US$65 ... depending on type of car ... pay for the gasoline and drive it yourself.


1. I highly recommend Days Inn …. Continuous FREE supply of Winchell’s Donuts (now Marife’s favourite brand. My favourite is the simple twist with coconut topping.) , coffee, hot and cold water and unlimited use of computer and internet. Price is the most affordable in the island.

2. Royal Orchid – for those with max budget like my Ninang, Carmen Mendoza. Nice ambiance, modern fixtures, etc. but no FREE stuff but their rate is without tax.

Check this Hummer out, the hotel's service vehicle.

3. Outrigger - near the malls

4. Pacific Island - within the city but facing the Tumon Bay ... recommended!

SHOPPING, anyone?

1. Guam Premier Outlet Store. Ross ( now my favourite name ) – home of designer brands for less - Guess, Anne Klein, Nine West, Max Mara, Levis, etc. The possibilities of buying is endless, you can ask my husband and Marife’s husband, Henry, about it. There are instant buddies. There are always together for 12 hours the least waiting for us to stop shopping. This is the true test that my hubby is the best … best in waiting and never complaining.

My sugar waiting ... waiting and waiting ....

After the shop closed ... here we stand . K-Mart here we come ...

2. Macys. The Premier Store where I found my icon’s collection, Martha Stewart. I could live here.

During the time we were there, there is a big 1 DAY SALE but we got the bargains the day before. Their line of holiday collections is divine.

3. K-Mart. Guam is home to the largest K-mart in the world and it houses everything a person needs under one roof. K-mart has decent prices and a good selection (24-hours … yahoo!)

4. Cost-U-Less … more or less like K-Mart but not 24-hours. My 1st real halloween pumpkin encounter ...

My sugar and I goofing around ...

The Mendoza Kids ...

Pinoy products readily available ...

5. DFS Galleria Guam – home of designer brands … luxury retailer in Tumon, Guam. It has a satellite LV Store.

6. Tumon Sands Plaza – home of my LV store. This is an elegant shopping facility that deals in high-end name brand merchandise.

7. Micronesia Mall - Micronesia Mall is located in Dededo, Guam and is the largest shopping center on the island. There are a number of attractions within Micronesia Mall including Funtastic Park, MIMO, Micronesia Mall Theatres, and the Fiesta Food Court. Owned by Lucio Tan.

Food Trip

1. Taco Bell – same Mexican goodness in every bite. Approx 3 USD per pax.

2. Charley's Steakery - Philly Steak Deluxe, described as a "thinly sliced USDA Choice steak grilled with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms, topped with Provolone Cheese." Combo: with Lemonade and Charley's Original Fresh Fries. The meat is a thinly sliced piece that is placed on the large griddle and onions and green bell peppers are placed on top. It gets turned over and mushrooms are added as the meat is then separated to cook and the vegetables are grilled. It gets mixed and blended quickly, and the meat is cooked thoroughly. The bun is grilled lightly, and the server asks if you'd like mayonnaise, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, and banana peppers. While the meat is cooking, your drink and Fries are given to you. Approx 8 USD per pax.

6. Little Ceasar’s Pizza – delicious dough of Pepperoni goodness meant to be shared. Approx 3.40 USD per pax

7. Fuji Ichiban – great chicken dish, delish fried rice and yum-O Ramen. Free gyosa if the chef cooked too much and had to dispose the dish. Approx 8 USD per pax.

8. Jamaican Grill – the Grill offers a palatable introduction to the medley of sweet, aromatic, spices that comprise the blend called "jerk seasoning". These spices are primarily chillies, cloves, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, allspice, and onions, which can be made into a wet paste or rubbed on the surface in its dry form. The Jamaican Grill's menu originated with foods dear to the local hearts - chicken and ribs, with fish coming in a distant third. Manny Pacquioa's favorite resto. Approx 18 USD per pax.

Paper towels and toothpick holders ...

It's my "birthday" ... free jumbo icecream ...


9. Wendy’s - Same “You know when it’s Real." goodness with choices of healthy salads - Apple Pecan Chicken Salad w/ pomegranate sauce – divine!!! Approx 7 USD per pax.

10. Burger King - "Have it your Way." Buying meals from them merits you a crown to make you feel like a King/Queen.

11. Tony Roma's - is a casual dining chain restaurant specializing in baby back ribs.


The whole of Guam can be seen in 4 hours (lunch included) so this is relatively small. It is like being in Subic.

1. The remarkable view of the Philippine Sea …. Ha, ha, ha … this is a must-see.

2. Two Lovers Point - This startling cliff line in Northern Guam, overlooking the glimmering Philippine Sea, is the site of an ancient Chamorro legend.

The legend tells of two lovers who, forbidden from being together in life, the lovers tied their long black hair into a single knot. And acting as if they were entirely alone, they looked deeply into each other's eyes and kissed for the final time. Then they leaped over the long, deep cliff into the roaring waters below … leaped to their deaths from the cliffside so they could be together in eternity. It is said that you still hear the anguish of the lovers swaying with the winds and the waves. Scary ,,,, It is now a popular venue for weddings in Guam.

There is also a booth that you can change your 50 cents to a a souvenir Guam coin.

3. Cetti Bay Overlook - This overlook provides a truly breathtaking view of Cetti Bay and the southern coastline, extending south to Coco’s Island and Coco’s Lagoon. From the overlook the eye follows the valley directly below as it falls gracefully to the shores of Cetti Bay. Once the site of an ancient Chamorro settlement dating to A.D. 1000, Cetti Bay is most easily accessible by boat. In fact, the bay is such a popular retreat for Guam's southern boaters that it is not uncommon to spy a boat or two anchored in its aquamarine waters from the lookout. The twin volcanic mountains can also be seen from here. If you are not fit, this can be an ordeal.

4. Fort Nuestra Senora De Soledad – the last of four Spanish fortifications built in the village of Umatac, is located atop a steep bluff called Chalan Aniti, or Path of the Ancestors. The fort provides a superior view of the village, the bay, the rugged coastline, and the imposing southern mountain range. The fort was constructed to strengthen the defenses of Guam’s most prominent Spanish-era bay.

The fort’s sentry post, overlooking the picturesque bay, has become an icon of the island’s beauty and the days of the Spanish Galleon trade. Today, the park is one of the most visited places in southern Guam.

5. Talofofo Beach Park - picnic grounds. Carabao Ride for 5 USD.

6. Aratama Maru - The Jap vessel, Aratama Maru, rests in Talofofo Bay, torpedoed April 8, 1944 by American Sub USS Seahorse during WWII.

7. Bear Rock - called as such for obvious reasons.

8. Underwater World - The Aquarium’s Sealife Gallery showcases a variety of exhibits that enable you to explore diverse ocean realms, from shallow coral reef habitats to deeper, darker waters. At the end of your journey you’ll have a chance to come in contact with live animals at the touchpool, including starfish, slipper lobsters, and our smallest shark, the bamboo shark!

9. Any park is a picnic site for free.

10. Fish Eye Marine Park

Trip Tips:

Apply for a US Visa.
Prepare for 750.00 Terminal Fee.
Have a travel insurance. This is for only 430.00 which will cover for medical expenses and life insurance, in case something happens.
Use TSA padlock to avoid the inconvenience of having your luggage destroyed.
Always clean up after eating.
Tipping is a must.
Never believe Miles that she is only going to spend 200 USD.
Use Tagalog esp when talking to salepersons who are Pinoys. You might get freebies and discounts. I got a LV Book for doing so.
You can ask the salesperson to hold an item for you ( 2 days only ). If you are not sure you really like it, best to sleep on it.
If the item you bought became on sale and you never got the discount the day after you bought it, you can have it discounted.
Bathing suits can't be returned.
Share a meal if you are a light eater. 3 USD will be enough.
Despite the lure of shopping, it is still best to see the places of interest.
Have a picnic in Guam . It's free . All parks are equipped with clean toilets w/ tissue.
Plan the vacay so that you can avail of the airline discounts.
Maximize the balikbayan box!
If possible bring a pre-paid sim so you can control the cost of the calls.
Have fun and be adventurous.

Will I go back to Guam? – given the chance? Most definitely, YES! In the company of my closest friends and family … it was well worth it. Shop, bond, shop, eat, shop, walk, shop, laugh and shop some more ... :)